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Root Canal Treatment

Come and see us if you need root canal treatment. We are skilled at performing this procedure and we may be able to save you money and pain! As with all of our lists of services, if you still don’t find the answers that you are searching for, please don’t hesitate in calling us now so that we can advise you or arrange for an informal chat here at the practice.

What is a root canal and when is it needed?

Damage to the nerve of the tooth can happen for a number of reasons such as tooth decay, leaky fillings or because of a trauma such as a fall. 

If you feel pain when biting or chewing, or you feel that the tooth is loose or numb when eating or drinking then you should contact your dentist; The nerve tissue won’t heal itself and the symptoms are likely to become more severe. 

Cleaning the tooth’s root is a painless procedure to repair and save a tooth that might otherwise have to be completely removed.

Does having a root canal hurt?

No. It’s normal to be given a local anaesthetic, making it a painless experience. If, however you are anxious about having this root canal treatment, then you should speak to your dentist

Cost of having a root canal

From £490 - Root Canal

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