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I wanted to say how pleased I am with the service I’ve received from MDS dental. I’ve always had terrible anxiety about the dentist and hadn’t had any work done in over 5 years and would often have panic attacks in the chair, one particular dentist refused to work with me as I was so panicky! My teeth were in a real mess with broken teeth and fillings needed.

Hannah immediately set my nerves at ease, I felt listened to but also reassured that I could do this, Hannah was so encouraging and I started to feel less anxious. After my 1st appointment I had a front broken tooth fixed and when I saw it I felt so happy I wanted to cry – I hadn’t smiled showing my teeth in years, it’s been a huge boost for my self esteem. I’ve been so delighted with the whole experience, the way I’ve been made to feel so at ease and the improvement to my teeth has been fantastic – thank you!! No more avoiding the dentist for me.

“I’ve never had such professional and caring treatment – I didn’t know dentistry could be like”

“I’ve been to parties that were less fun that coming to you”

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