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We have a variety of treatment options including Invisalign®,  teeth whitening and veneers. Veneers aren’t suitable for every person; however, they are an attractive solution because they can be created for one tooth or a set of teeth.

Because veneers are tailor made for the individual, we’ll ensure that they fit perfectly over your old teeth, masking any imperfections whilst matching the natural colour of any surrounding teeth.

Although there are several types of veneers, most tend to be composed of porcelain or composites.

Fitting your veneers


CONSULTATION - Different dental practices have slightly different approaches to fitting veneers. So, if you’ve done some research or talked to friends with a personal experience, come and see us to get our advice and opinion on the best approach for you.  


PREPARATION - With the option of a local anaesthetic. We may remove a thin layer (up to 0.5mm) of enamel to create space for the new veneer, although sometimes it is not necessary to do so.


FITTING – A straight forward and completely painless procedure where we’ll ensure that the veneer is a perfect fit and colour match before fixing them to your teeth.

Cost of Veneers

From £500

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